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Covid-19 Update – weekly meetings commence!

We will start meeting again from the next week on. First in person meeting will be 9th June, that is the next Tuesday.

Program for next Tuesday will be the showing of the current competition, Set Subject – Kitchen Utensils.

Also Tuesday is the due date for the next Open competition, so bring your prints and submit your digital images as usual.

National PJ results night

Today was the showing of the National PJ 2019 competition. We all enjoyed watching the AV with the winning images, and the award ceremony and socializing afterwards.

Congratulations to all winners! And… after the competition is before the next one, so start working on your entries for the next year, we will have a new Trophy (Maree Turner Trophy) for one section of the competition (Street and Social Commentary), the Ted Walker Trophy will then permanently for the Sports & Action section of the competition. You could be the first Name on the new trophy!

See you all next year!

I will upload the winning images soon here: