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National PJ 2020

National PJ 2020

2020 is certainly a difficult year to get your head around. Some things have changed drastically, but some things stay the same. One of these is the National Photojournalism competition we host, and 2020 is no exception.

So get your images ready, entry is open from 1st June to 31 July 2020.

All you need to know is on the National Pj 2020 page here

Good luck!

Covid-19 Update

The club started the year as usual, and we had the first Open competition and some field trips, but then COVID-19 hit New Zealand as all the other countries, and we are now all in lockdown, currently level 4.

Our competition secretary team managed to get the second competition (the set subject ‘Found on the Beach’ into a format easily digestable from you isolated home, thanks for that! I think that worked quite well with the YouTube results video and the pdf comments.

At the moment there are no physical club meetings at our club rooms, we will let you know once that changes. We all have our role to play to break the chain of transmission.

Stay safe!

Eventful week

Eventful week

This week is full of events for the club. We already had our Midwinter Brunch last Sunday after a lovely Sunrise trip to Godley Head. Tuesday was club night with the presentation of the 3rd Open Club Competition results (thank you Julia Home for assessing over 100 images for us!), the awarded images are in the Gallery section here:

Next Sunday is another Field Trip in the CBD area, details to be announced.

Stay warm!

National PJ 2019 is about to open

Our National Photojournalism photo competition 2019 is about to open, have a look at the rules and entry form and think about what images you want to submit. Good luck!

Field Trip ‘Autumn Colors’ – Botanical Garden Christchurch

Field Trip ‘Autumn Colors’ – Botanical Garden Christchurch

We had a wonderful field trip day in the Botanical Garden, and some managed to get up early’o’clock for the sunrise. Those who did were rewarded with a glorious sunrise (all my pictures, sorry, it’s easier than to ask people to provide images).

about 6:45am at the Victoria Lake
Rose Garden at sunrise

But that was not all the gardens had to offer, the members had a great time taking pictures of autumn colors as much wide angle or macro as needed. some busy bees or birds were also welcomed subjects. Great day with a good turnout!

Next Tuesday is judging of the 2nd Open, see you in the club!

Maple border
more autumn colors
a Silvereye feeding – I didn’t get the fantails… again
a bee doing it’s thing