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PSNZ Judging workshop and inhouse judging night

PSNZ Judging workshop and inhouse judging night

Another eventful week and weekend lies behind us. It was all about assessing images and how to do it. First we had another round of inhouse judging on Tuesday night (club evening), following for some of us (actually, quite a lot of us) this weekend with a full-on PSNZ Judging Workshop weekend.

I think the workshop was very successful in driving home some key messages, and it gave us a renewed appreciation of what the judges do for our club when they assess our images. Well done, Bruce and Shona, I think you did a great job!

Eventful week

Eventful week

This week is full of events for the club. We already had our Midwinter Brunch last Sunday after a lovely Sunrise trip to Godley Head. Tuesday was club night with the presentation of the 3rd Open Club Competition results (thank you Julia Home for assessing over 100 images for us!), the awarded images are in the Gallery section here:

Next Sunday is another Field Trip in the CBD area, details to be announced.

Stay warm!

National PJ 2019 is about to open

Our National Photojournalism photo competition 2019 is about to open, have a look at the rules and entry form and think about what images you want to submit. Good luck!

Field Trip ‘Autumn Colors’ – Botanical Garden Christchurch

Field Trip ‘Autumn Colors’ – Botanical Garden Christchurch

We had a wonderful field trip day in the Botanical Garden, and some managed to get up early’o’clock for the sunrise. Those who did were rewarded with a glorious sunrise (all my pictures, sorry, it’s easier than to ask people to provide images).

about 6:45am at the Victoria Lake
Rose Garden at sunrise

But that was not all the gardens had to offer, the members had a great time taking pictures of autumn colors as much wide angle or macro as needed. some busy bees or birds were also welcomed subjects. Great day with a good turnout!

Next Tuesday is judging of the 2nd Open, see you in the club!

Maple border
more autumn colors
a Silvereye feeding – I didn’t get the fantails… again
a bee doing it’s thing

Car Rally

We had our car rally last weekend, organized by John Hoeben (thank you, John!). The weather was a bit challenging for the tasks, as we had to use a maximum of 20 images (like in the old film days) to come up with 12 (13 with the self portrait) images for the 12 tasks. There was not much room for error. I blasted one at the skater park and then some I think with the waterfowl and ‘movement’ tasks. Bloody hard to get it right first time if something is moving! We digital photographers are so used to continuously shooting hundreds of images to select the best one afterwards.

It was a challenge and it was fun and I learned something about me and my camera. Who won the challenge? I don’t know yet, but Guy won it two times in a row the last two years, and he tried to distract me while I was taking my future award winning flower image, so he tried hard to win it a third time! 🙂

We also had the pleasure to find out that there was a tree climbing championship going on (Arbor Fair and Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship 2019 ) near our meeting point in the Botanical Gardens, that was a source of some images. The car rally brought me to places I haven’t visited before and let me experience world class competitions in a sport I didn’t even know it exists, and it was quite exciting to watch!

Master Finals participant