Simon Runting (Guest Speaker)

Simon Runting (Guest Speaker)

A wonderful evening full of awesome bird photography is behind us. We had guest speaker Simon Runting visiting us, to tell us all about the bird photography he does. If you want to get an impression of the images shown, have a look at his Facebook page for his commercial images, where he also has some of the bird images:

So get your bird hide, drop to worm level and fire your off-camera flash to try to get the early bird on to your memory card. Ah, and you need this:

Well, not quite, but a long lens is needed to get close. You shouldn’t be afraid of mud and dirt, put your camera into silent shutter mode, shutter priority with 1/2000s and whatever ISO crank up you need for that speed. Good luck!

Thank you, Simon, for the evening!

National PJ 2019 is about to open

Our National Photojournalism photo competition 2019 is about to open, have a look at the rules and entry form and think about what images you want to submit. Good luck!

Inhouse Judging Night

Last Tuesday we had another inhouse judging night, a bit different from what we had last time. Our external competition sub-committee assembled print-outs from the various external print and digital competitions we entered (as a club), together with the top three results of that competition. It was really good to see where we stand among the other clubs, and that we are doing well for such a small club. Well done all, and thanks again to the sub-committe (Jill, Rosemary and Katrina) for putting this together!

The remainder of the evening was then in the (now) common format of having three more or less 🙂 voluntary club members voicing their thoughts about other full voluntary club member image submissions, in an effort to practice taking and giving critique. I think there were some good lessons in there to learn. And Nadine got probably most out of it, as she had the lion share of the images submitted. Sorry Darren for your images not shown, your USB stick was hidden. My fault.

Next week is no club night, it’s committee meeting time. If you want to be more involved into what’s happening behind the scenes, think about joining the committee and help with a very diverse set of tasks. Talk to anybody on the committee if you are keen.

John Miller Oshkosh Talk

Another great talk night today. We had John Miller talking about his experiences of the Oshkosh Airshow Event 2018 in the US. Despite coming fresh from the Airport, he was not tired and delivered an engaging talk. Fabulous images from lots of different aircraft flying and on the ground.

You don’t know what this is all about? Have a teaser here (Youtube video from the EAA Youtube channel):

Oshkosh 2018

And… we also learned … again … hopefully … how to name our competition entry files correctly! If you don’t get it right, I will do the training again. Aaaaand again. And again. You have been warned.

Judging Night – 2nd Open

Judging Night – 2nd Open

We had judging night today for the second Open internal club competition. It was a good turnout, as always on judging nights. We had three full walls of prints, I haven’t seen so many prints in a club competition in a long time, so well done, club members!

Congratulations to all who won an award, I think we all learned something tonight. For all future judges of our open competitions: prepare for a lot of insects to assess!

I am currently uploading all awarded images (digital only) to the website, they should be available soon in the Galleries section here:

Please remember when submitting images for the next competition: due date is next Tuesday, 23:59pm. All prints need to have a printed entry form with them (you can find the form here for download:, and a digital copy sent to the usual email address for the club competitions. Prints have the title on them at the back, left bottom corner. No author name allowed on the print as the judging should be done anonymously.

Also remember, the subject letter for Set Subject competitions is “S”, so your file name for the next competition should look like this if you are in A grade:

42019AS4_My Awesome Title_My Name.jpg

I’m currently filling in as competition secretary and also doing web master stuff, please, PLEASE, get the file names right!